“Cultivating roots beyond beauty”
Kamala Bhagat is a cultivator of natural hair with an affinity for the healing and growth properties of plants and herbs. Beginning her journey as a natural hair stylist over fifthteen years ago, her motivation for cultivating her skill is rooted in the cultured experiences and environments she was exposed to as a child. Her birthright of land, healing, beauty, expression and creativity invoked by her ancestral reverence has guided her on a continuous path of “ Cultivating roots beyond beauty.” It’s not just about executing a beautiful style on her clients, she creates multifaceted experiences of hair consciousness, to generate the right inner conditions for the scalp and hair to thrive; doing what it’s naturally suppose to do grow. This is a practice she lives and encourages in her clients. Manifesting her own location opening in April 2022, Greenhouse Botanical Hair Garden. A space apart of the landscape that defines wellness, reawakening the deliberate care and consistency of how we nourish our strands from root to ends mentally, physically and spiritually. Kamala specializes in plant aesthetics for hair growth, alleviating energy blockages that may restrict growth, OX treatments increasing oxygen intake promoting circulation and blood flow, Ayurveda treatments, natural hair cultivation and adornment.